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Our Mission

The Board of Trustees and Employees of the Mill Bay Waterworks District are committed to providing the best possible community water that meets or exceeds Canadian drinking water standards.

The District is committed to improving water quality and fire protection as well as promoting conservation.


Bill Payment Options

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Emergency?  Dial (250) 743-9023 & select option 3


Proposed Well Rehabilitation and Stage 3 Watering Restrictions

The District has recently been experiencing a depreciation in yield from some of the wells.  As a result the Trustees have consulted with the District Hydrogeologist, and has made plans for some pump testing and rehabilitation work to begin September 25th. For more information on this work please click on the link http://www.millbaywaterworks.ca/documents/407/Fall_Plans_and_Stage_3_watering_restrictions_business.pdf .  Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. 




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Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Lifted

The District Operator has now completed the well pump tests.  Effective immediately Stage 3 Watering Restrictions are lifted, returning to stage 1 restrictions until October 31st per the Restriction Guidelines adopted.    Please visit our webiste at www.millbaywaterworks.ca for more information.

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Winging South for the Winter

Winging South for the Winter

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder; as long, languid summer melts into crisp, cool autumn; as nature takes on russet hues and puts on fancy dress; as you marvel at the beauty of the season, don’t forget to look up. One of nature’s great marvels is the show in the sky as the birds of North America migrate south. Migration is the annual movement of birds, often north and south along a flyway, between their breeding grounds and their wintering grounds. One of the best known, and certainly the most familiar, of North America’s migrators is the Canada (not “Canadian”) Goose (Branta canadensis).  The impressive V-formations of Canada geese flying south are seen all over North America; indeed, Canada geese are found in every one of the contiguous United States and every Canadian province. However, they are not our only journeying birds. “Of the more than 650 species of North American breeding birds, more than half are migratory.” Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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