About Us

At Mill Bay Waterworks District , our goal is to provide safe, clean, potable water to all of our residents! We welcome you to the community.  Listed below are a few facts about your local water system.

  • Mill Bay Waterworks District is an Improvement District. Improvement Districts are local authorities responsible for providing services for the benefit of the residents within the Districts boundaries.


  • Typically an improvement district provides one or two services, such as water, fire protection, street lighting, dyking, drainage, garbage collection and parks which are financed through taxation (parcel tax) and user fees (tolls). MBWD provides only one service to the community - potable drinking water.


  • The powers exercised by the MBWD Board of Trustees (to put in place and enforce its regulations and charges, to assess and collect taxes, to acquire, hold and dispose of lands, to borrow money and expropriate lands) come from the District’s Bylaws, the Local Government Act, and other applicable local government statutes.


  • Mill Bay Waterworks District was brought into existence through Cabinet Orders authorizing the passage of Letters Patent in 1961. The Letters Patent identifies the District’s name, boundary and the service(s) it will provide.
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